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Wir trauern um Felix



Dear friends,

the death of Felix has changed our life so awfully. We think you do not know very much about what happened. So we will write some information about the tragic occurrences of this September.

We had a real great summer this year, with a wonderful vacation in France. At the end of the holidays Saskia came back from her vacation she spent with three friends in Italy. We were together for dinner, the whole family (except Mona, who was working in the area of Freiburg), and nobody knew that it would be the last time.

Felix, our almost 17 year old son, left then for a party in the next village. There he drove with his bicycle at the roadside as the car crashed at him. The driver was fully drunk; he didn’t try to apply the brakes or to evade. Felix thudded at the car and was thrown thru the air. Very badly hurt he fell on the sidewalk. The emergency doctor came soon, but the situation was very serious. Felix was brought in the next hospital, and two hours later to another hospital in Stuttgart.

In the night two policemen came to our house and told us the terrible news. We all drove to Stuttgart, full of fear and fright. Felix was operated there, because his brain was badly hurt. The doctors opened his cranium to get some space for his brain. Nobody knew much about his chance to survive.

The following days we were with him, nearly without interruption. Mona came from Freiburg to stay with us. Night and day we were alternately at his bed. Two days later he had his 17th birthday. Together with his twin sister Jelena we stood at his bed, swaying between hope and desperation.

The next day Felix status worsened extremely. The doctors tried another operation, but they found his brain much more damaged as they thought before. So we saw only two capabilities: either Felix would die in the next time, or he would survive and live mentally very serious handicapped.

The next day the doctors told us that there was no chance for Felix to survive. We had to think the unthinkable: that we would loose Felix forever.

We stayed at him as before. We talked to him, even not knowing if he could hear or understand us. But we tried to give him all the love we had.

On Sunday morning, eight days after the accident, Felix became more and more weak. We learned that this would be the time for him to leave. But he waited for us till we all were there. We sang some chorals and spoke the Lord’s Prayer together. And then, after the last words, he died.

We were deeply sad, crying about the death of our son and brother. We washed him and dressed him his everyday clothes. And then he was brought to our house. In our living room we disposed his bed. And there he was lying till the day of his funeral. Many people came to visit us and say good bye to Felix.

The funeral was very impressing and affecting for all. About 700 people came, and we learned how important Felix was for them all. We received hundreds of letters, and it took a long time to answer. This website shall tell you all about what happened. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!

The rest of this website is in German. But maybe you want to look to the pictures there?

We are so sad about the death of Felix, and sometime it is hard to live. Every step is ponderous and needs so much power. It is good to know we are not alone in our pain, and there are friends in the neighbourhood and very far away. Thank you so much for all!

Gaby, Rolf, Mona, Saskia and Jelena


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